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November 2017 - School News 

17 November 2017

On Thursday, Hedgehogs Class spent the morning at Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield. Pupils enjoyed a variety of activities; they learned about the ingredients used in Pizza Express pizzas, each had a turn at tossing the dough in the air, those who were brave enough tasted Jalapeno peppers and of course each pupil made their own Margherita pizza-delicious!

The class thoroughly enjoyed their experience and were well behaved throughout.

Well done Hedgehogs!


16 November 2017

As part of Road Safety Week, Woodpeckers went on a Green Cross Code walk. 

We had a checklist of different things to spot, and also discussed where is a good place to cross and where we shouldn't. The children really enjoyed this, and were able to demonstrate some great knowledge of how to stay safe when out walking.

Well done Woodpeckers!


16 November 2017

This week in Wrens Class, we started our new topic 'Superheroes' by going on a superhero hunt!

We all dressed up in superhero costumes to go and look for them around the school. They were hiding high and low - some in corridors, in the library and on windows.


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