June 2018 - School News

18th June 2018

Diamond Trips

When a pupil earns every single point during a day we issue them with a Diamond Day certificate to celebrate what is in effect a perfect day. Pupils get an immediate reward of a snack or drink which they collect as they leave the school.

Those pupils that earn ten Diamond Day certificates within one half-term are then rewarded with a trip out to Melbicks Garden Centre where they are given the opportunity to choose food and a drink from the Costa Coffee café. The pupils are expected to interact with the staff and the general public in an appropriate manner during their time in the café; choosing their reward, ordering it, waiting patiently if it is hot food and socialising together.

I was very pleased today to be taking so many of our pupils out on the Diamond Reward Trip:

Miss D Morrison and I were joined by thirteen pupils ranging from Year 7 right through to Year 11, including Harley, Cameron, Marcus, Jayson and Ryan.

All thirteen pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and enjoyed their food and drinks. We were then able to visit the tropical fish shop and choose a number of fish for our community fish tank.

Trevor Scott

15th June 2018

A few weeks ago the wrens and kingfisher classes went to Umberslade adventure for some adventurous activities. These included archery, shelter building and assault course. A fun time was had by all in the sun! 

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15th June 2018

This week was Wrens first dance lesson with Toffee. The Wrens were very polite and welcoming. They all enjoyed warming up ready to learn some new dance moves. Today they learnt the start to their dance. Wrens were all very engaged and listened throughout the whole lesson. They are very excited for their next lesson with Toffee. 

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13th June 2018

'Anonymous' Grows New Talent

Fresh from their performance at the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre) in March; Northern House Solihull's Rock Band Anonymous has been pleased to add a new performer to it's ranks. Ethan is a new pupil in year 8 and when he found out we had a band asked to join.

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25th May 2018

In Eagles class we have been building an igloo out of milk bottles and we have finally finished! Thank you to everyone who has supported our endeavor by sending in milk bottles. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we have enjoyed building it. 

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23rd May 2018

Battle erupts as Nagash begins an aeons-long grand plan to assert his power over the dead, spreading the necrotic influence of the realm of Shyish over every other realm. Can the Stormcast Eternals defend us from this great evil, come along on Monday after school 2:45-3:30 to find out. 

At Northern House School Solihull, we have just had our first club night where Mr Wallace and the club membership built some Stormcast Eternal models that have been given to us by the Schools Alliance at Games Workshop. Next club night, we will be painting the models ready for a game the following week against Mr Wallace's Night Haunt army.

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21st May 2018

After a relatively quiet journey (children were absorbed in their DVD players!) we arrived at Kingswood and were promptly sat down to a wonderful lunch and shown to our rooms. The children were very excited and even had a go at making their own beds!

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16th May 2018

Newts Class Updates

A few weeks ago The Newts class went mountain biking at Sandwell valley park. The group tackled a few of the tricky mountain trails and were very supportive of one another! Well done Newts

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3rd May 2018

Tasting the bread 

The loaf of bread that Wrens made went into the oven for 20 minutes. Once the bread had cooled it was time for everyone to have a taste. 

Wrens had a smell of the fresh bread and felt it to see if it was hard or soft. Wrens then had a slice with some chocolate spread which they all found very yummy. Wrens then shared some of their bread with the Kingfishers. 

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