Local Governing Body

A MAT is one legal entity which is set up to run a number of schools. The MAT will have a board of directors which commonly comprises of representatives from each of the member academies. 
In a MAT, the board of directors has the same governor/trustee/ company director duties as a governing body of a single academy trust. Hence, the board of directors will deal with the strategic running of the MAT and will delegate the operational day-to-day running of the member schools to each academy’s Local Governing Body (LGB), which will usually be set up for each school. The level of delegation to LGBs can be varied to suit specific circumstances.
Duties of the LGB
 Most of the LGB will not be directors or trustees of the MAT and will mainly be representatives from the school. They will however have  duties delegated to them by the board of directors and it will be the responsibility of the board of directors to ensure that they are  exercising these functions in line with the relevant duties. The LGB will still have responsibilities as school governors.


LGB Members

The LGB is appointed by the board of directors. Below is a list of the governors and their category.



Date Appointed

Term of Office

Number of Meetings

Mr P. Leivers


16th December 2014

4 Years


Mr T. Scott


16th December 2014

4 Years


Mrs S. Gilbert

Finance Governor

16th December 2014

4 Years


Mr J. Birch

Staff Governor

3rd March 2016

4 Years


Ms J. Webber

Local Governor

 1st May 2017

4 Years 



  • Mrs J  Finucane is the Clerk.

Overall attendance of governors at LGB meetings since the school became an academy in December 2014 is 87.33%.