The True Value of Friendship (11th January 2017)

This week, Woodpeckers class have been talking about the true value of friendship. Pupils thought about what the most important ingredients are to make a good friend.

They decided that the most important ingredients were: a can of honesty, a bag of loyalty, a bottle of fun, a bottle of patience, a kg of forgiveness, a pot of respect, a tube of trust, and a kilo of kindness! They also discussed an acrostic poem, all about friends.

F is for faithful; they’re loyal to the end.
R is for reliable; they’re true and don’t pretend.
I is for the interest in sharing thoughts with you.
E is for enjoyment whatever you might do.
N is for neighbourly; they’re kind in every way.
D is for dependable on every single day.
S is for that special friend you know is always there,
The one who makes you happy and you know will always care.

Woodpeckers decided to share their ideas in the weekly Primary assembly and did a fantastic job - well done!