'Where Does Snow Go?' (25th November 2016)

This term Wrens topic is ‘Where Does Snow Go?’.

Pupils played pass the ice cube – a sensory activity – to learn about how ice melts. The ice cubes were passed around and the pupils described how they felt. These ice cubes were then put in water and some salt was poured on so the students could see what would happen. As the ice cubes were passed around, the pupils rubbed them to melt the ice away. We also used foam to replicate snow - it felt so slippery!

The group also looked at how Arctic animals keep warm by doing an experiment. At first pupils held an ice cube and could feel how cold it was, but then pupils put the ice cube on top of a glove (with lard) – which replicated insulation – and could not feel the coolness of the ice. They learnt that this must be how Arctic animals stay warm. Fun was had by all – including Mr Lloyd!