Another busy week for Wren's class... (15th Nov. 2016)

Last week Wren's group looked at Bonfire night. The pupils made some edible sparklers using bread sticks dipped in icing sugar and then rolled them in sprinkles - they tasted delicious! They also made their own chalk firework pictures, looked at firework safety and described their Bonfire experience using their senses. 

As part of their Music and Movement sessions, pupils have now started to do some yoga that ties in with the children's meditation sessions they have. Yoga has many healthy benefits and the children did really well at recreating some brilliant yoga positions. 

In Wren’s Topic lesson they discussed different animals and their footprints in the snow. Rory enjoyed the activity so much that he stood up and gave the class a fact filled talk about the animals that he knows! (Perhaps a teacher in the making!)