Friendship Lessons with Wrens (27th January 2017)

In Literacy this week, Wrens worked as a group to discuss the qualities a good friend should have. The pupils took it in turns to share their ideas and created their 'perfect friend'. 

In Topic, pupils made a friendship salad. The bowls represented the classroom environment and the fruit represented different kind words. The children chose which fruit to put into their ‘classroom’ according to the kind word it represented. However, there was also a rotten banana that could be chosen but it represented lots of mean and horrible things. The children decided together that they did not want the rotten banana in their classroom – they only wanted kind fruit!

For another Topic lesson, the class listened to friendship songs; tapping out the rhythm of the music together. Everyone worked really hard to stay in time with each other. Miss Marsden and the pupils all had a go at being the conductor, taking turns to instruct the group when to start and stop playing. They then took it to the next level and had their very own marching band around the classroom!