Wrens and Owl Welcome Their Special Visitors (12th Oct. 2016)

This week both Wrens and Owls class received a special visit from West Midlands Police Force! The visit coincided with the groups PSHE lessons – Wrens class are learning about‘People Who Help Us’ and Owls class are focusing on the ‘Community in Which We Live’. The officers came in to discuss their role within the community as well as how the Police Force work to keep everyone safe. As part of this talk they discussed the dangers of using silly behaviour at school and reinforced the mandate that we should stay safe and sensible whilst at school and home. The children had a great time wearing the police vest – with Owls class trying their hands at flicking the baton out as well as experiencing what it was like to be handcuffed! (Even Mr. Birch had a go!) 

Wrens class, Owls class and Northern House School (Solihull) as a whole want to thank PC Terri Discenza and her colleagues for their fantastic work with the children and for taking the time out of their hectic schedule to come and speak with the children!