Primary Football Update - January 2019

New year , new season at Aston Villa, and what a start for the Primary department! Four game against some tough teams, a lot of hard work and effort put in by all the team mates and coaches.

Game one against Langley, very much a back and forth game between the two teams, both sides working hard, started off a little sluggish, however by the end with some beautiful crosses from between Eagle class mates, and some outstanding defence from the back two a stunner of a goal was score by player C, of course he did have a little help from player TL, who delivered a cracker of a cross into the box. Throughout the whole game Northern House demonstrated real sportsmanship, first game, and first win of the new season 1-0 Northern House.

Game two and Springfield House, this is where Northern House really showed their skills and confidence, everyone wanted the win and demonstrated this by supporting on corners and also helping in defence. Every chance was taken from the amazing crossing into the box from player TL, and many opportunities of tapping in an easy goal across the front of the goal, however all credit to the goalie he blocked a lot of good shots.

Nevertheless Northern House were calm and collected and scored some corkers and took their time to score the first goal by our one and only, main goal scorer of the team player G .Once one goal was, the rest came flooding in, a beautiful assist by player T, set up the goal for our corner expert player TL to strike the ball and score his first goal of the New Year.

It didn’t stop there, a new player, player R, who had been brought in to join the team on a regular basis, scored and absolute blinder. With power and confidence to finish the game on a win, the final score 3-0 to Northern House, our winning streak couldn’t be stopped at this point.

Game three, this point we were on a high and wanting to keep this winning streak going, the game was against Timberly. This team we had, had experience with last year in the end of year tournament, they were a tough team and we knew we would really have to work as a team to get this win. It started slow, and both teams having shots on target, but both goalies were having an absolute corker of a game. Player J was our goalie, he was thrown in at last minuet due to injury to our regular goalie, and did not disappoint. Blocking and tipping balls left, right and centre, really helping the team move up on the pitch to be closer to the goal.

After some words of encouragement from the coaching staff the shots were coming thick and fast on Timberlys goalie, player G booted on target but was blocked, Player R took strike and was just wide, then player C and player TL demonstrated real team work and somehow got through the defence, and with a little tip here and there player C had set up the ball for player TL and the ball was in, and the goal was scored, high fives all around, even from the coaching staff. Final score 1-0 Northern House.

Last Game and still on the winning streak, game four and it was Skilts, this team had some real good players in their team and our team knew it. Coaching staff had words to encourage sportsmanship and also confidence as they had worked so hard, and to not let this team break the winning streak.

The team were ready and confident, went on the field and from the get go Northern House wanted the ball every chance they got; this showed when the ball was up majority of the start of the game in Skilts half. However this is when Skilts became frustrated and wanted more possession of the ball and the ball then was coming thick and fast at our goalie. Thank goodness for the team supporting out goalie otherwise it could have been a white wash of goals. Player J was outstanding and cleared the box. This when Northern House demonstrated class and confidence, and the balls started going in the goal. Once the first goal was scored by player C, then Player G got a goal, but that wasn’t the end, player C scored a second, and to finish off the game on a high, player C scored a hatch trick. The final score 4-0 Northern House, hopefully for all that hard work and effort we are top of the league, we are just waiting for confirmation from the league.

Go Northern House Primary Football Team!!!