Isle of Tiree Diary Entry 

Day 1 - Monday 26th June 2017

Ten Year 7 pupils, two Year 8 pupils and five staff set off at 9pm from our school on Sunday night.  Everyone was very excited and pleased to have family, friends and staff to wave us off on our epic journey.

The first leg of our long journey concluded in Oban at 6:30am after passing through the Lake District and Lock Lomond.  Then onto the 4 hour ferry crossing, for many this was their first trip of this kind.  We travelled along The Sound of Mull on the Clansman boat, we waved to Tobermory (aka Balamory), chatted to the other passengers and enjoyed the ride.

We arrived at Tiree just after 11am and were greeted not only by Fiona and her team, but also our friendly grey seal (must be the same one as last year) bobbing around by the pier.  Once at the Alan Stevenson House in Hynish the boys sorted out their rooms and made their beds before eating a quick lunch and out to play on the beach.  Later in the afternoon we took a short walk to Happy Valley where we were lucky enough to see a minke whale thrashing its tail around in the bay.

Dinner was at 6pm, afterwards some of the boys popped to the shop with Mr Price and Miss Morrison, but not before getting the minibus stuck in a sand dune.  Some brilliant teamwork from the group saw the minibus tyres dug out and the shopping trip on their way.  The remainder attempted to secure the beach from the oncoming tide with a very fine dam.  (It held strong for a while).

Finally a little crab fishing and a relaxation in the lounge before everyone was tucked up in bed and asleep for 11pm.  A busy day tomorrow to keep them on their toes, windsurfing in the morning and a session with the Tiree rangers in the afternoon.  We are dedicated to cramming as much fun into this week as possible!

Quotes of the day:

  • I do like Tiree, but c'mon Mr White, you know I'm a technology kind of guy, not a stone-age kind of guy.
  • Hmm, crab fishing... boring!  Lowering socks filled with bacon into the water, what do they do they expect apart from wet socks that smell of bacon.
  • If you don't include tomorrow and the day after we only have 2 days left, we should have come for longer!