Isle of Tiree Diary Entry 

Day 3 - Wednesday 28th June 2017

A busy morning, breakfast and out of the door quickly.
9:30am - The fitness fanatics headed to Tiree Fitness to meet with Will Wright for their mountain biking and fitness session. The backdrop to their skills session was spectacular and so were the cycle skills on show and determination demonstrated which complemented the scenery perfectly.
11am - Back to the Loch to meet Wild Diamond staff for a kayaking session. Our arrival coincided with the sunshine and blue sky's appearing, Tiree is taken to a level of beauty above and beyond most of the UK on a day like this.
The weather meant that we were not hanging around inside for too long, so after lunch we were off in the minibus again to playing on the beach.
2pm - Sandiag beach has something for everyone, clear water, sandy bays, shells aplenty, rock pools and rocky areas to explore. Plenty to keep a Northern House School pupil interested and inspired. Although, as Nick, Tayzhon, Hayden and Mr White found, the Atlantic Ocean is a little cold to swim in without a wetsuit.
6pm - A fish and chip supper, followed by a brief meeting and a trip to the shop (although pocket money is now dwindling). Marshall and Hayden built a fire on the beach for the group to enjoy. Once the shoppers returned, hot dogs were cooked on the BBQs on the beach.
A very busy day, but many highlights. Let's hope tomorrow's adventures are as much fun. Sand-yachting, a visit to a Croft (farm) and more time on the beach before we prepare for the early ferry on Friday.

Quotes of the day:

  • Pupil: Is that a lion? Staff: No, it is a cow laying down on a mound of grass.

  • Pupil: Mr White really likes looking at tyres... Staff: No he's reversing and checking the minibus tyres do not hit the kerb.

  • Pupil 1: How old is your twin sister? Pupil 2: Urrr, the same age as me!