Car Wash Fundraiser (24th May 2017)

Well done to the pupils from the Learning Hub, who undertook the task of raising funds for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

After much discussion, the pupils decided to raise money for the charity by washing staff cars for a minimum of £2.00 and offering a full clean, wash and hoover inside of the car for £5.00. The boys did exceptionally well and all of the staff were full of praise for the excellent job they did; so much so that the Headteacher’s inbox was full of emails!

Once the fundraiser was complete, Mr Ellis took the money tin to the hospital and Hannah (from the Fundraising Hub) was truly grateful for the contribution. She also thanked the boys for their efforts as this money really does make a difference to the children and families who attend the hospital.

The total raised for the charity was a fantastic £86.00!

Thank you to all who contributed! Also, a special mention of thanks to Mr Taylor and the staff from BAM for all their support.