Otters Poetry (19th May 2017)

This term, Otters class have been introduced to poetry and have analysed some World War I poetry. When it came time for them to write their own they really rose to the challenge. They have written some beautiful pieces of work and we are sure you will all want to join in praising them for their achievements.

Below are examples of their brilliant pieces:

Seven ravens fly about my head.

I don’t know what I am doing.

I’m getting scared and worried.

Everything goes black, I have no answers.

I’m becoming a demon, a side I’ve never seen of me in my life.

Miss Garrett comes into my head and I’m really crazy for coming to France just for Tom.

I’m really starting to miss my family and friends.

I’m thinking about death.

I’ve got a lack of information.

I don’t know what anything means.

My minds gone blank.

I’ve got no answers anymore but I’m alive.


By Shaun Kane

Seven ravens flew over my head.

Scared for her brother Tom

Angry at Edgar for calling her useless

Worried of getting caught and not being able to save Tom

I have no answers

Crazy about my life going in to shambles

Everything that I have known is fading away

Everything going black

But still got glimpses of hope

Lots of determination of saving him

The ravens show that you’re almost out of time

But coming so far not going to stop

Everyone is against her

Haven’t eaten in day

But alive


By Jack Travis 


Seven ravens fly about my head

I don’t know what’s going on

Everything goes black.

I hear Edgar.

He tells me I can’t save Tom.


I see dark figures.

Suddenly I see again.

Tom’s death. Too clearly.

Edgar’s death.

“Why didn’t you try to save me?

Why do you try to save Tom instead of me,” screams Edgar.

I am crying. I’m sorry

It was your choice to go to war.”

I see the demon staring at me, moving further away

Alexandra…Alexandra…Alexandra slowly fades

Edgar says, “Somehow I am dead

but alive…”


by Dylan Lewis


Seven ravens fly out my head

I see my brother, which one?

It’s Tom in the hospital

He has pale ghost eyes

He says “why?” to me “why?”

My eyes start to water

Tom says “help me!”

“NO!”  Wait I see my dad, his eyes

Bright red

Angry in fact I’m screaming

“NO” I’m done, someone help me

Edgar I still hate him   

Why would he do that then just die?

I thought France would be better

It’s not

It’s worse than Brighton


By Aiden Wright